How to Install Foilboard Insulation

How to Install Foilboard Insulation

As a trusted brand in the insulation industry, Foilboard Insulation has enhanced the energy efficiency and comfort of homes throughout Australia.

Foilboard manufactures a wide range of insulation panels for both residential and commercial applications. The Foilboard® Green Rigid Panels are formulated from polystyrene with a reflective foil facing, delivering thermal performance and resistance to moisture.

These panels come in a wide range of thicknesses and sizes to suit roofs, walls, floors, and ceilings. If you are building a new house in Australia, then you will need to make sure you comply with the condensation management requirements of the NCC 2022.

How to Install Foilboard Green Rigid Panels

The process of installing Foilboard Insulation is simple. To help, we have put together a step-by-step guide to get you going:

1. Prepare the surface

To begin, the first step is to ensure the surface where the panels are to be installed is clean, dry, and free from obstructions.

2. Measure and cut the board to fit

Next, you need to measure the area where the panels are to be installed. Cut the panels to the appropriate size using a retractable knife.

3. Correctly position the panels

Position the panels in place, ensuring they’re flush against each other and the surrounding surface.

4. Secure the panels

Evenly apply adhesive to the back of the panels, and if necessary, use screws or nails along the edges and corners.

5. Seal the joints

To seal any gaps between panels, use Foilboard Green Joining Tape. This will help prevent any air leakage and ensure maximum performance.

6. Complete the installation

Once the panels are installed, finish by covering the panels with plasterboard, cladding, or other finishing materials.

7. Examine and test

The final step is to inspect the panels and ensure they are installed and sealed correctly.

Foilboard Install Guidelines for Different Applications

For detailed instructions on how to install Foilboard in different applications, please refer to the following brochures:

For further information on how to install Foilboard, check out the Foilboard YouTube Channel here.

How to install Foilboard

How to Cut Foilboard Insulation

Cutting insulation panels is a simple process that can be done using a sharp Stanley knife.

  1. First, you’ll need to ensure you have your personal safety gear; including gloves and safety glasses.
  2. To begin, start by measuring the panel to the appropriate dimensions. You can start the process by using a pencil or marker to mark the cutting line.
  3. Once you have the board measured and ready to cut, use your knife of choice to begin scoring along the marked lines, making sure you apply enough pressure to ensure a clean cut. For thicker panels, you may need to do multiple passes with your knife to achieve the desired depth.
  4. Once the panels are scored, you will be able to snap them against the cut lines, to break them cleanly.

Video – How to Measure and Cut Foilboard

How to Install Foilboard to a Garage Door

Foilboard is a popular choice for garage doors, and a commonly asked question is how this can be done effectively. Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to install Foilboard to a garage door:

  1. To begin, ensure you’re preparing to install your rigid panels to the interface of the door.
  2. Measure your panels and mark each one with a pencil or marker, using the gridlines as a guide.
  3. Use a Stanley knife to cut the panels to size.
  4. To increase insulation performance, ensure you use Foilboard® Spacer Blocks between your garage door and the panels. This helps main airspace so that your insulation can work effectively.
  5. Use adhesive on the spacer blocks to secure the panels. Tilt the panels to get them in place, then press them hard up against the spacer blocks, ensuring they are secure.
  6. To finish, seal any gaps or penetrations with insulation tape to prevent air leakages.

To make your installation easier, order a Foilboard® Garage Door Insulation Kit, which provides everything you need to insulate your garage door.

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