Allergic to insulation?

Allergic to insulation? Buy Polyester Insulation

Modern day glasswool insulation has come a long way when it concerns health, safety and sustainability. All the products we sell are considered safe to use and safe to install, providing the proper installing procedure is followed. If you suffer from asthma or serious dust allergies, then you should think extra carefully before climbing into an old ceiling space.

Insulation is usually not the problem

While all glasswool insulation (including “Earthwool“) will generate a bit of dust during cutting and handling, this is unlikely to cause any problems for the installer. However as the attic or ceiling in an old house will often be full of dust, it is highly recommended that an appropriate dust mask and eye protection are worn. When installing insulation in a new house, the dust is likely to be far less of a problem. Similarly, once the insulation is installed, and any wall and ceiling cavities have been enclosed with plasterboard or a other wall lining – the amount of insulation dust which would be likely to enter the home is likely to be unnoticeable.

The polyester insulation option

One way in which insulation and ceiling dust can enter an existing home is through the down-lights – for example when replacing the globes from inside the house. If this scenario is likely to occur, and if you or any of the residents of the house suffer from asthma or a severe dust allergy, then we recommend you consider a non-glasswool option such as GreenStuf. GreenStuf insulation is made almost entirely from bonded polyester, and contains no breathable airborne fibres.

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2 thoughts on “Allergic to insulation?

  1. Kairi Gainsborough says:

    I didn’t know that some people are allergic to insulation. It is really interesting that the main problem is caused by the dust that is stirred up during installation. Remembering to wear proper eye protection and dust masks is a good suggestion. That way the dust won’t cause an allergic reaction.

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