Earthwool Insulation – A long stretch of glass

Earthwool Insulation made from glass bottles

In the insulation industry, innovation and technology is almost everything. Knauf states that their advance technology can turn one recycled glass bottle into a 3000 mile long strand of glass! That’s over 4,800km.. One insulation batt contains up to 15 glass bottles, so if you joined all the strands of glass in one insulation batt together it would almost be long enough to wrap twice around the planet Earth…

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1 thoughts on “Earthwool Insulation – A long stretch of glass

  1. Braden Bills says:

    I’ve always been curious about developments in environmentally friendly materials. I think it’s great to see that insulation has done it’s part as well! I think it’s so interesting that 15 bottles can make one insulation batt. Thank you for sharing!

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