Potential Energy Savings With Pipe Lagging

Save energy with pipe lagging insulation

These days it appears to be universally accepted that home insulation improves comfort and reduces energy bills. Insulation is commonly installed in the ceiling, walls and underfloor of new homes, and in the roofs of old houses. It is often a matter of calculating the square metres requiring insulation, (remembering to subtract a small amount to allow for the width of the timber joists) and choosing your R-value. The r-value measures how effective the insulation is at resisting heat transfer. Pricewise Insulation recommends investing in a slightly higher r-value than is strictly required for increased comfort. There are, however, other ways to save energy with insulation.

Heat Lost Through Hot Water Systems and HVAC Pipes

Energy is required to heat your water, but some of this heat can be lost through the pipes as the hot water travels from the water heater to the taps in your home. The same goes for HVAC systems. The network of pipes carries heated air to designated parts of the house, but heat is easily lost through the walls of uninsulated pipes. This means that heaters need to work longer and harder to bring the temperature of the rooms up to the desired level and consequently use more energy to do so. It also means that the unit itself will potentially wear itself out faster and require a higher level of maintenance and servicing.

Reducing Energy Consumption with Pipe Lagging

It only takes a few simple alterations to conserve the energy used to heat your home. Pipe insulation is not difficult to install and although it will take some hours to get it done, the effects will be long lasting. More heat will be conserved as it travels around the house, meaning the house will heat up more quickly as you adjust the thermostat. Pipe lagging is relatively cheap and the energy savings will soon pay off the insulation investment, giving you genuine savings every year.

Trusted Pipe Lagging Suppliers

Pricewise Insulation sells a range of hot water pipe insulation products and can advise you on the best insulation solution. With years of experience our customer service operators can suggest a customised insulation strategy and help you create a home that is more energy efficient. Ask us about tips or tricks to install insulation and you may find you make the job easier for yourself. Installing insulation correctly also means you get the best performance r-value out of your investment.

Hire Professionals to Install the Pipe Lagging

Pricewise Insulation sells insulation supplies all over Australia and offers professional installation services in Melbourne and Sydney. Whether you are purchasing ceiling, wall, underfloor or pipe insulation, by booking in an installation service, you can be confident that the insulation will be installed correctly. Contact us today for your next insulation project and enjoy added comfort and savings all year.

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