What you need to know about Earthwool Insulation and ECOSE Technology

All about Earthwool insulation

Knauf insulation is the only manufacturer of Earthwool Insulation, which is a type of glasswool insulation product. Knauf Insulation is a world-wide manufacturer of insulation, this manufacturer is active in 35 countries and has over 40 manufacturing sites across the globe producing glasswool, rockwool, extruded polystyrene (EPS), and extruded polyethylene (XPS). Knauf insulation are proud specialists in development and research for energy efficient solutions in Australian and other worldwide homes. What sets Earthwool insulation apart from other conventional glasswool, is that Earthwool is manufactured with ECOSE Technology. With cost-effective pricing and proven to be better for the environment, Earthwool insulation has a lot to offer!

What is ECOSE Technology?

Launched in 2009, ECOSE technology is a revolutionary sustainable bio-based binder. It is a natural binder with no added phenol or formaldehyde. Replacing the harsh chemicals used in traditional binders is natural raw materials. Earthwool insulation is now a natural brown ‘earthy’ colour, as no added dyes, bleaches or artificial colours are added. It has enhanced the environmental credentials of the product, without compromising on thermal, acoustic, fire performance and mechanical properties. Essentially, ECOSE technology works by converting natural organic materials into an inert polymer, creating an exceptionally strong binder that bonds fibre strands together. This means that chemicals such as formaldehyde’s and phenol’s (used in other traditional binders), are not required or used.

Benefits of ECOSE Technology?

  • Fire resistance performance
  • Formaldehyde free binder
  • Reduced manufacturing emissions – less impact on the environment through lower embodied energy in the resin.
  • Products with ECOSE technology binder are a natural brown colour, no artificial colouring is added.

Why choose Earthwool insulation?

Earthwool insulation

Despite the name, Knauf Earthwool is not made from wool. It is manufactured from recycled glass bottles, sand and other like materials. As you might already know, Earthwool is a specific type of glasswool product. Earthwool insulation is now odourless and as a preferred neutral smell over other insulation made using formaldehyde. Earthwool insulation is easy to cut allowing for better insulation as no gaps are left uninsulated. Additionally, Earthwool insulation has a softer feel, and is less itchy compared to other conventional glasswool products. Its also environmentally friendly as this product is made from a high level of recycled content and its packaging is fully recyclable. It also has proven durability as the bio-based binder has exceptional strength and makes produce manufacture with ECOSE technology highly durable with a long life span. For your peace of mind, Knuaf insulation has a 50 year product warranty.

Benefits of Earthwool Insulation?

  • Soft to handle and easy to install
  • High thermal performance
  • Sound absorbing capabilities
  • 50 year product warranty
  • Reduces electricity bills
  • Non-combustible

Earthwool insulation products and applications

Earthwool insulation is created for a number of applications including, home, commercial, and industrial usage. It is available in a variety of product types and R-values to suite the thermal requirements of your home. Product types include; thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, wall insulation, ceiling insulation, roofing blankets, and underfloor insulation. If you live in Melbourne, Sydney or Adelaide we recommend installing a minimum R-value of R2.5 in the external and internal walls of your home, a minimum of R3.0 for ceiling insulation and a minimum of R2.5 in your underfloor area. In alpine cooler climates, we recommend increasing your R-value for a higher thermal performance and greater thermal benefits.

Why is Earthwool less itchy?

Due to a combination of new technologies, Earthwool insulation is less itchy and more comfortable to handle. Knauf Insulation’s proprietary processes creates longer strands which prevents breakage and reduces skin irritation as smaller strands can more easily enter your pores. Additionally, ECOSE technology is not made from harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde and phenol therefore are less itchy products when compared to other glasswool products.

Choosing Earthwool Sound Shield insulation?

Earthwool Sound Shield insulation

Earthwool insulation is available in an acoustic product, which is available in varying thickness and densities to fit most wall cavities and achieve your soundproofing needs. Acoustic insulation is denser than regular thermal insulation and designed to absorb and reduce noise transfer between rooms and from outside sources. We recommend installing this insulation in the internal walls of your home and between floors in a multi-storey dwelling. There are many advantages to installing acoustic insulation, these includes; reducing unwanted external noises such as traffic, dogs barking, noisy neighbours. Creating a quieter and peaceful home to relax in by reducing noise transfer between rooms and floors in home. With the added benefits of ECOSE Technology, Earthwool Sound Shield insulation is a great acoustic insulation choice for your home.  

Improve your homes thermal and acoustic ratings

Installing insulation in your home can reduce your energy bills by up to half and the estimated payback period is around 3 to 5 years. If you have an existing home, consider retrofitting insulation especially in easier to access spaces such as the ceiling and underfloor areas. Adding insulation to your ceiling area can reduce your homes summer heat gains and winter heat loses by up to 35%! Earthwool insulation is a cost-effective insulation choice with huge thermal and acoustic rewards to increase the comfort of your home!

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