Renovating Your Home? Use Sound Insulation in the Walls

Intalling insulation while renovating - Choose acoustic insulation

Many old homes which were not insulated during the construction stage will by now have had ceiling insulation installed. These days, people seem to appreciate the benefits of insulating your home and realise just how much they can save on their energy bills by retaining their heat in winter and reducing heat gains in summer. On the other hand, the focus has not been so much on wall insulation, and with good reason. You won’t save as much on your energy bills and many claim that the initial investment is just too expensive. People learn to live with the whirring washing machines, banging water pipes and other common household noises. They tune out to the constant passing traffic on the main road out the front and it’s really only the visitors that comment on the sounds all around. However, this doesn’t mean that insulating your house with sound insulation is out of the question. You just have to wait for the right time to install it.

Find the right time – install sound insulation during a renovation

To install bulk insulation in walls you have to open up the wall itself. There is no way around this, so it’s no surprise that the walls in many old homes remain uninsulated. People will rarely tear apart a finished, plastered, painted wall simply to install sound insulation. If, however, you are renovating your home, then you should definitely consider insulating any new walls. The bottom line is: if you’re opening up a wall anyway, then insulate it while you can do it cheaply! You’ll be surprised at how much you will appreciate the reduced noise in your home, and you’ll also save a bit on your energy bills.

Reduce unwanted noise from the outside, and don’t forget the internal walls

Insulating your external walls reduces the amount of sound that enters your home from the outside. The most common complaints are traffic, aircraft and barking dogs. High-density insulation prevents much of the noise from penetrating your home and many sound insulation products also provide a thermally resistant barrier, keeping you warmer in winter and cooler in summer. If you’re opening up any internal walls, consider insulating these too and you will reduce the level of sound that is transmitted from room to room. Media/TV rooms, studios, bedrooms, bathrooms and laundries should be first on the priority list.

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  1. Matt says:

    I think insulation is very important in every home and any property. It helps a lot during the different weather conditions making people feel comfortable. Insulation must be done by experts so one can be sure that it works well when the time comes. Avoid hiring fraud contractors to do the job to get rid of insulation disasters.

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