How To Install Sound Insulation Between Floors

Sound insulation solutions for Australian homes

The thermal benefits of insulation are pretty well known nowadays, but did you know insulation can help regulate noise within your home too? One place that it’s particularly effective in doing so is between the floors of a multistorey home. 

Many of us have experienced the frustration of being downstairs and hearing noisy footsteps, appliances and arguments coming from upstairs. Installing acoustic insulation in between floors can help combat these problems, and create a peaceful, comfortable indoor environment.

Which insulation is best for soundproofing?

Any insulation is better than nothing at absorbing sound, but acoustic insulation is specially designed to give optimum soundproofing. Compared to regular insulation, acoustic insulation is thicker and more dense without compromising on any thermal benefits.

At Pricewise Insulation, we supply a wide range of acoustic insulation products that can be installed throughout a home, office, restaurant or commercial space to help create quiet, private and peaceful indoor spaces. 

Some of the quality acoustic products for mid floor installation we supply include: 

  • Autex Insulation  – Greenstuf Sound Solution is a polyester product that is great for residential and light commercial applications. It is very easy to work with, and is non toxic, non allergenic, non irritant and non flammable.
  • Knauf Earthwool  – Earthwool mid-floor acoustic batts are made of glasswool (fibreglass) but have none of the itchiness usually associated with glasswool. They are an environmentally friendly option, manufactured with a sustainable, bio-based binder that contains no added formaldehyde. 
  • Bradford Insulation  – Bradford SoundScreen Batts and Gold Insulation Batts are effective and versatile glasswool products. They are low allergen and backed by a 70 year warranty.
  • Fletcher Pink Batts  – Pink Batts are Australian-made glasswool products which are lightweight, flexible and durable. Additionally, they are non-combustible, low allergen and easy to install.

Will insulation between floors help with sound?

Acoustic insulation can make a marked difference to the acoustic conditions within a home. It helps with noises that travel through solid structures such as floorboards or beams as well as reducing the transfer of noise through the air. 

Installing acoustic insulation between floors will help reduce noises from loud music, noisy appliances, raised voices and more. It can make a positive impact on the quietness and privacy of a home, while also improving the overall acoustic quality of the individual rooms in a house. 

Mid-floor insulation could also offer thermal benefits by helping you create climate zones within your home. If you spend a lot of time in one area of the house, insulation will help any heating or cooling appliances work more effectively by reducing heat loss or gain between rooms or floors of your home.

When to install mid-floor insulation

The best time to install insulation between floors is during the construction phase or a major renovation. Installing mid-floor insulation is a very similar process to installing ceiling insulation. Insulation batts are pushed up between the joists to create a snug fit. 

Remember to measure your cavity before purchasing insulation batts to ensure they will fit properly. Compressing insulation batts may compromise their performance, so care should be taken to select products of the right thickness and width for the application.

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