Insulation Installation – the Importance of Teamwork

Insulation installation and teamwork

Pricewise Insulation has years of experience with insulation installation and knows there are things that can make your life as an installer easier, or at the very least help you to survive your first day on the job. Installing insulation on a small to medium size construction site, like a residential house, is something that is commonly done in pairs or occasionally in a group of three to four, depending on the urgency of the deadline for the job. As an installer, it really pays to do your best to collaborate with your partner and potentially blend in with the team.

Fitting in to the Team

It’s well worth doing your homework if you already know who you will be working with for the day. (If you haven’t received any notice, introduce yourself to the team or have a chat with your co-worker as you load up the truck at the beginning of the day.) For example, if your partner tends to bring his own lunch and snacks for the day from home, perhaps consider getting something on your way to work. This way you can both eat on the job, and saves you fruitlessly driving around an unfamiliar area at lunchtime, looking for a takeaway shop or other source of food. This might not sound like a big deal, but during an insulation install, time is precious.

Typically, you stay on the job until it is finished, so if you have spent the best part of an hour chasing lunch halfway through the day, this will obviously impact the time you finally get the job done at the end of the day. Getting stuck in peak hour traffic on the return journey because you couldn’t be bothered bringing lunch does not have a positive effect on the working relationship you are trying to build with other installers on the team.

Teamwork and Organization

Installing insulation is a physically and mentally demanding job, and Pricewise Insulation recognises that working in pairs or in a team that runs smoothly is highly advantageous. A small gesture like offering to buy something for your co-worker at the petrol station as you pay for fuel, is a great way of beginning a positive working relationship for the day. Being personally organized is a way of showing respect to others and signals to them that you are prepared to put your shoulder to the task, as opposed to relying on the rest of the team to get you through day.

You can do your part by ensuring you have done everything possible to come prepared for a day of installing insulation. This means wearing presentable work clothes and having your own personal protective equipment like gloves and masks. Tools should be in good working order, and on that note why not bring a spare insulation knife or two? This saves you from being the person who always needs to borrow and puts you in a favourable position with your team if someone loses their knife or needs a new blade.

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