Reasons to Install Underfloor Insulation

Why to install underfloor insulation

Even if your thermometer showed a comfortable reading last winter, you may not have felt particularly warm during the coldest months. The reason for this could be that heat was escaping through gaps in your flooring or through the floor itself.

Hot air can escape through completely sealed floors

Most building materials do not have particularly high insulating properties, so even if you’ve sealed all the gaps in your floor, warmth is still able to escape, making you feel colder in winter and warmer in summer. This becomes particularly noticeable in winter where bare feet and bare ankles feel it the most. Putting down extra rugs may not be an option for asthma sufferers or people with allergies, but installing insulation in your underfloor benefits everyone.

Installing underfloor insulation for added savings

If you already have an adequate level of insulation in your ceiling you are most likely enjoying significant savings on your energy bills every year. Uninsulated ceilings account for up to 35% of heat loss during winter and up to 35% of heat gains during summer. However, what many people don’t realise is that up to 20% of heat can be lost through the floors of uninsulated homes and even more if not all gaps are sealed properly. In fact, it’s not uncommon for home owners to report that they earn back the initial investment of installing underfloor insulation already within the first few years.

Safety first when installing underfloor insulation

While installing insulation might not seem to be the most dangerous of tasks, it does present with its own set of hazards. The area under your house may contain all kinds of rubble from the time of initial construction including bricks, pieces of pipe, sharp nails and broken glass. Depending on your location, you may well be paying a surprise visit to snakes or spiders, who have potentially been living there undisturbed for years. If access to your underfloor is very low and you are required to crawl in or even lie on your back, take extra care to avoid injury. Use safety glasses, light up the area you are working in and don’t rush when moving around.

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