What Do Insulation Brands in Australia Have to Offer?

Insulation brands in Australia

Insulated Plasterboard with Kingspan

Insulating a concrete wall with traditional insulation batts used to mean having to install studs and tracks to hold the batts in place, then fitting the insulation batts themselves and finally covering it all with plaster. Kooltherm K17 Insulated Plasterboard is exactly what the name implies; plaster and insulation combined. While it is a more expensive product than traditional insulation batts plus plasterboard, it is quicker and easier to install. All you need to do is to cut it to size and glue it to the wall. Once you consider labour costs, Kooltherm actually turns out to be the cheaper option, by around twenty-five percent. Kingspan Insulation claims that building companies will save money by opting for Kooltherm 17 as well as reducing the risk of delays in construction. According to Kingspan, the concrete wall will make or break you, depending on how you decide to insulate it.

Knauf Offers a Softer Feel with Earthwool Insulation

For years insulation installers and DIY renovators had been putting up with itchy glasswool insulation that was uncomfortable to work with. The job was relatively well paid because it was hard to find someone willing to touch the stuff. The only reason it was still being used was that there was no alternative. So when a company like Knauf arrived and wanted to market their new Earthwool insulation batts, its biggest drawcard was the softer feel and comfort of handling. Knauf knew how much people disliked handling fibreglass insulation, so their advertising kept underlining that when you touch Earthwool, you can’t actually tell it’s glasswool because it’s so soft. Earthwool has successfully managed to gain a foothold in the Australian insulation market.

Pink Soundbreak with Fletcher Insulation

Pink Soundbreak has only been around since 2016 and comes in a trendy and distinct pink and silver packaging. Pink Soundbreak acoustic insulation serves a double purpose. As well as being highly effective at blocking the transfer of noise between rooms or through the external walls of the house they also have a higher R-value than the equivalent insulation standard wall insulation range. Therefore, with increasing energy costs, it is likely that Pink Soundbreak will increase in popularity, both from an energy savings and privacy point of view. These high-density batts come in R-values from R1.7 to R3.1, the latter of which is too thick to fit into a standard 90mm wall cavity. As such, home owners who plan to install the thickest Pink Soundbreak insulation will need to ensure that the wall studs are sufficiently deep. All Pink Batts products come with a life time guarantee.

Greenstuf Polyester Insulation with Autex

Autex Greenstuf insulation has grown in popularity over the years. It is the no itch alternative to the traditional glass wool insulation and is particularly attractive for allergy sufferers. Retired insulation installers are often partial to polyester insulation who, for example, may want to insulate their own house but have had more than enough of glass wool insulation. Out of all the types of bulk insulation polyester is the most pleasant to work with. It is important to note, however, that today’s glasswool insulation is much improved compared to what was available a few decades ago.

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