Knauf Insulation has launched new Earthwool products!

Buy Knauf Earthwool Insulation - New Products Released

Knauf, is a family owned company which started in 1932. It has a strong global presence with manufacturing facilities and sales organisations present in over 80 countries. Knauf Insulation is trusted product that has five major manufacturing plants across Australia located in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. 

Knauf Insulation FloorShield Underfloor Batts

The newly released FloorShield underfloor batts by Knauf Insulation are designed to provide superior thermal, acoustic and fire performance. This product is eco-friendly and manufactured using 80% recycled glass and with ECOSE technology, a bio-based binder which contains no added formaldehyde is used. FloorShield is faced with an ECOSE glass veil providing a wind-washed barrier which prevents unwanted air draughts. FloorShield underfloor batts are easier to work with in tight underfloor spaces and is easier to move material around in comparison to insulation rolls. This product is available in an R2.5 thermal rating and 420mm width.

Knauf Earthwool Quilted Underfloor Batts

Knauf Insulation has created a new Earthwool Quilted Underfloor batt which is manufactured from durable silicone coated glasswool. It has a breathable plastic film coating which provides an air draught barrier and can be easily stapled into place. Knauf Earthwool Quilted Underfloor batts prevents air movement from coming up under the floor. Air draughts can account for up to 25% of heat loss from a home in winter so it is important not to forget this aspect of heat loss. Earthwool insulation is an environmentally friendly product made from 80% recycled glass material and incorporates a bio-based binder which has no added formaldehyde. With ECOSE technology, Earthwool Quilted Underfloor batt is soft to handle and install.

Knauf Earthwool Insulation R4.0HD Acoustic Batts

Knauf Insulation has released an R4.0HD Earthwool acoustic wall batt in the 430mm or 580mm width, and 140 mm thickness. This product has a high R-value and density rating and is top of the range regarding its thermal and acoustic performance. Knauf Earthwool Insulation R4.0HD, is a versatile product that is recommended for use in external wall cavities, and the mid-floor area in multi-storey buildings. Its high density provides superior acoustic benefits which can minimise noise transfer from external sources such as traffic, aircraft and noisy neighbours. Installing this product in the mid-floor of your home can reduce foot traffic vibrations between floors and also create thermal temperature zones.

Customer Support for New Earthwool Insulation Products

When choosing the right insulation products for your home, we are here to help! Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you require more information regarding Knauf’s new insulation products. Whether you are having your insulation installed professionally or taking on a DIY project we offer low pricing and support to help you along the way. For your convenience, you can choose a preferred delivery date or choose a pickup location that is nearest to you. Additionally, we service both metro and regional areas right across Australia!

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