Need Earthwool Insulation delivered in Adelaide?

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Need insulation urgently?

We can deliver Earthwool thermal and acoustic insulation direct to your door or to site as early as the next business day in Adelaide.

Why Earthwool Insulation?

Knauf’s range of Earthwool Insulation is gaining popularity Australia wide with both commercial builders and home builders and DIY renovators. Earthwool insulation has two notable benefits. Firstly, it is less itchy than other common brands of glasswool insulation. Secondly, it is compression packaged. This means more m2 coverage per bag means less storage space and handling required and it’s also cheaper to transport.

Modern day glasswool insulation has improved significantly compared to what was commonly installed some decades ago. For a reasonable fee, we can deliver Earthwool ceiling insulation, wall insulation, acoustic and underfloor insulation straight to your door throughout Adelaide and all the surrounding suburbs.

Which insulation R-Value do I need in Adelaide?

Adelaide is known for it’s hot summers, and this should be taken into account when deciding which insulation R-Value to go with. New homes will generally be specified as requiring a certain minimal R-value to meet energy efficiency requirements. If you’re doing a minor renovation or adding insulation in an old house, we would usually recommend R2.5 in the walls and R4.0 or higher in the ceiling. An adequate layer of thermal insulation will keep your house cooler in summer and warmer in winter, and noticeably reduce the load on any heating and cooling appliances.

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2 thoughts on “Need Earthwool Insulation delivered in Adelaide?

  1. April Cook says:

    We need some new underfloor insulation to try and make our home more energy efficient. How hard is this to install? Is there a way to install it without tearing up the existing flooring? It’s a good thing this gets delivered fast so we can keep our renovation going! Thanks for the help!

    • Pricewise Insulation says:

      Hi April,

      The main thing to take into consideration is how much clearance space you have to work with. Some underfloors are really easy to insulate because their is adequate space to move. We would definately recommend installing R2.0HD or R2.5HD Earthwool Acoustic and Thermal Insulation Batts, as these are easy to handle in confined spaces and will fit snugly between the joists, ensuring a more energy efficient home.

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