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The acoustic environment of an office space can have a major impact on focus, productivity and mood. If your office has too much white noise, uncomfortable reverberation or competing sounds, interior acoustic insulation could be the solution for a more conducive work environment.

Does Acoustic Insulation Work?

When sound hits a surface, it is reflected back or absorbed, depending on the material of the surface. Traditionally office spaces are built with hard flat surfaces which reflect sound and create an uncomfortable, distracting background echo. Introducing surfaces and materials that help reduce this effect can have a positive impact on the office environment.

Interior acoustic insulation products have been specially designed to improve the sound quality and acoustic environment of an indoor space. What makes them ideal for office spaces? They have excellent sound absorbing qualities; can often be customised to suit the existing dimensions and aesthetics of the office space; and they make a tangible difference to sound quality.


Is Acoustic Insulation Worth It?

If you are considering ways to improve sound quality and reduce unwanted noises in your office space, interior acoustic insulation could be exactly what you’re looking for. Once installed, it provides a number of benefits that improve working conditions and employee comfort for better focus and productivity.

Interior Acoustic insulation benefits office spaces by:

  • reducing echoes and sound resonance;
  • removing distracting, unwanted sounds;
  • improving the quality of important sounds;
  • lowering the overall volume of sound, and thereby reducing sound stress;
  • increasing privacy and confidentiality;
  • creating a more conducive environment for focus and productivity;
  • bettering user experience and comfort for all occupants; and
  • enhancing the visual appeal and aesthetics of the space.

At Pricewise Insulation, we supply the full range of Autex interior acoustics. These products offer a number of additional benefits including:

  • lower impact on the environment: Autex products are made from a minimum of 45% recycled fibres and do not use chemical binders. 
  • superior durability and longevity.
  • easy to install for both retrofit and new building applications.
  • customisable designs to complement your unique office environment: Autex products can be printed on or cut to meet specific requirements.
  • better for health: Autex products are non-toxic, non-allergenic and contain no irritants.

How Effective is Acoustic Insulation?

Traditional office spaces and commercial buildings aren’t designed for optimal acoustics as they tend to have flat, smooth ceilings which amplify even the smallest of sounds. Large open spaces can also create an uncomfortable echo effect, creating unwanted sound stress. Interior acoustic insulation has been expertly designed to combat these effects and improve overall sound quality for a better working environment.

To experience maximum benefits from acoustic insulation, the right products should be chosen to suit the existing office space. The design, layout and materials used in an office can all affect the acoustics. The right acoustic products installed in the optimal areas will provide the best protection against unwanted sound stress.

Best Types of Acoustic Insulation for Offices

There are a wide range of different products available to suit the specific nature of existing office spaces. Ideal for existing or new buildings, interior acoustic products can be installed on the walls and ceilings, and some can even be hung from the ceiling to segment large, open spaces.

At Pricewise Insulation, we offer the full range of Autex Interior Acoustics. These are world-class products that are very effective and highly durable with a wide range of options to complement your specific needs.

Some of the most popular and effective Autex interior acoustic insulation products for offices are:

  1. Quietspace Acoustic Panels – installed on the walls or ceiling of an office, acoustic panels help direct sound waves optimally and help you have maximum control over the sound in your office.
  2. Acoustic Hanging Screens – suspended from or fixed in place to a ceiling, acoustic hanging screens help create sound barriers in large office spaces. They effectively combat echo effects and sound competition that large open spaces often struggle with.
  3. 3D Wall Tiles – expertly designed to break up sound waves and control reverberated sound in office spaces, 3D Wall Tiles can effectively improve sound quality and add visual appeal to offices.
  4. Acoustic Wall Coverings and Acoustic Fabric – these are decorative wall linings that help improve acoustics by managing reverberation. Acoustic wall coverings come in a wide range of colours and designs and can be attached directly to the wall or other surfaces.
  5. Acoustic Baffles – baffles, such as Quietspace Lattice, can be suspended from or fixed to the ceiling to help with sound absorption and minimizing background echo.

Acoustic Fins – designed to be installed on ceilings, acoustic fins are ideal for open-plan offices and work spaces. An acoustic fin product such as Frontier can be configured to suit the shape and design of an existing office space perfectly.

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