How does acoustic insulation work?

How does acoustic insulation work?

Reduce noise in your home

Acoustic insulation reduces the transmission of sound from outside the home, and sound transfer between rooms inside the building. Acoustic insulation is effective at addressing both airborne sound transfer (such as aeroplane or vehicle traffic noise) and impact noise – such as the noise of someone walking around up stairs in a multi-storey dwelling. While all thermal bulk insulation batts have some acoustic benefits, acoustic insulation is denser, and particularly effective at minimising noise transfer.

How important is sound insulation?

The importance of acoustic insulation should not be underestimated, and should be considered carefully during the construction or renovation process, before any floor or wall linings are fixed into place. A comfortable level of noise is part of any home, but excessive and unwanted noise creates a needlessly stressful environment. Call 1300 729 639 for specific advice on your insulation project.

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