Spring is Here – Is Your Roof Insulated?

Install roof insulation before summer

It’s almost like your perceptiveness is sharpened by the change in the air and it becomes obvious what is to be thrown out and where the odds and ends actually belong. You spend less time thinking and dreading, and more time doing. Jobs around the house that seemed so impossible are actually not that hard, and you wonder why you put them off for so long. Take the draught that blew through your house all winter that gave you cold feet. Now a quick online search inspires you to head down to the nearest hardware store, purchase a draught stopper and install it. Simple.

Inspect your ceiling – is it insulated?

When people move into a new home (“new”, as in a home they haven’t lived in before) checking roof space for ceiling insulation probably isn’t on the top of the priorities list. In fact, many home owners and renters might live in a house for months or even years before it crosses someone’s mind to check what’s actually up there. Next time you’re at a BBQ with friends ask for a hands up for everyone who’s got insulation in their roof. If it’s a large group, don’t be surprised to find there’s one or two people who confess they’ve never thought to check. Then ask the people who put their hand up to state what R-value the insulation is (this measures its effectiveness at stopping heat and cold transfer). You can bet your bottom dollar that less than half the crowd will be able to definitively state the R-Value of insulation in their ceiling, and many of them won’t even know what R-Value means. Then comes the final punch, reserved for the DIY insulation geeks who actually know what R-Value of insulation they’ve got installed in their ceiling. Ask them if they were to top up the existing insulation with an additional layer, how long would it take for the energy savings to exceed their additional investment in insulation? Blank stares all around.

Ceiling Insulation is Important

Don’t underestimate the importance of thermal ceiling insulation. If properly installed and maintained dry, insulation can be expected to last about as long as your home. If you think your ceiling might be under-insulated, get in touch with Pricewise Insulation, the home insulation experts!

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