Tips for Installing My Own Insulation

Tips for Installing Insulation - DIY Home Insulation

Should I Wear a Mask, Goggles and Gloves?

While glasswool and polyester insulation are considered to be safe products, it is always recommended that you wear appropriate PPE, in particular when working in dusty ceiling or underfloor environments, or when installing glasswool insulation above your head. Wearing the appropriate PPE during insulation is simply common sense, and you’ll soon realise if you’ve forgotten to put it on.

Wear Safety Glasses When Installing Ceiling Insulation

Take installing ceiling insulation from below, for example. You take the first insulation batt, balance it on the end of your sticks, bring it up over your head and attempt to push it into place between the ceiling joists. As you do so, a build-up of dust and saw dust is dislodged and literally rains down on you. You have to look up so you can see where to push the ceiling batt and you can’t cover your eyes with your hands because you need them both to poke the batt into place. Chances are very high that some dirt or dust will fall into your eyes, causing severe discomfort if nothing else. So, before you continue, put on a pair of safety glasses, because this scenario is going to repeat itself for every insulation batt you install…

Safety Measures When Installing Underfloor Insulation 

The same goes for installing underfloor insulation, where you may find yourself inching your way around whilst lying on your back. Wear safety glasses to prevent small particles dropping down into your wide-open eyes. Installing underfloor insulation comes with a host of other safety considerations. The area may be littered with debris from the time of construction. It’s not at all uncommon to find nails, glass and pieces of broken pipe underneath a house. Wearing gloves can help to protect you from cuts and abrasions. In fact, many people choose to wear gloves whenever they work with insulation, simply because they don’t like the feel of the insulation batts. Take your time, move slowly and light up the area you are working in. Using a head torch can be a practical solution.

Wearing a Dust Mask is Recommended Practice 

Working with insulation is not any more dangerous than working in other dusty environments. However, after a while you might find yourself coughing or clearing your throat more than usual. You’ve probably inhaled something you shouldn’t and your body is simply trying to get it out. This is uncomfortable, more than anything else, and it is recommended that you wear a dust mask for your protection. Change it several times throughout the day, as it can become clogged with dust. Try not to handle the replacement mask excessively if you’ve already been insulating for some time. The reason being that your hands are probably covered with tiny invisible insulation fibres. If these are transferred to the dust mask, they can end up rubbing against your face, causing irritation for your skin.

Wearing appropriate PPE is simply common sense.

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