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Glasswool Insulation Products

There are many glasswool insulation brands stocked at Pricewise Insulation such as; Knauf Earthwool Insulation, Fletcher Pink Batts and Bradford Insulation. These brands have a large range of glasswool insulation products to insulate your entire home. Choose from a range of insulation products for your ceiling, internal and external walls, underfloor, acoustic and thermal performance batts.

Tips for installing Glasswool Insulation

When installing make sure the insulation batt is snuggly fit in the cavity, but make sure it is not compressed otherwise the R-value is compromised. Ensure wires are pulled in front of or behind the insulation batts and make space for power outlets and LED downlights by cutting the insulation. Remember that gaps between insulation batts can allow exposure to air flow, draughts and/or condensation which can reduce the effectiveness of the insulation.

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