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The amount you will pay for insulation will usually come down to 3 things: Who you’re buying it from, how much you need (bulk order discounts may apply) and who’s paying for the freight of the delivery. Of course, if you are in the building industry and regularly purchase insulation, you have an opportunity to build up a relationship with a supplier and consequently benefit from better pricing. The supplier is happy to look after you in exchange for your loyalty as a customer.

Every now and then insulation can appear for sale at a significantly lower price than anywhere else that insulation is commonly sold. While nobody wants to turn down a bargain, it’s important to be aware that unlike many other products, there is rarely any honest reason for insulation to be sold in significant quantities at, for example, half the market price. Unlike other products whose shelf life may expire after a short period of time, insulation generally has an effective shelf life of many years, ruling this out as reason to sell it out at clearance prices.

Cheap Insulation on Gumtree

Let’s say you are shopping for insulation in Melbourne on Gumtree and come across an unbeatable price on a large quantity of insulation. With the exception of an insulation business going under and clearing their stock, (this would be one of the only explanations that is actually plausible), there is a real likelihood that the insulation has actually been stolen and the criminals behind this are trying to make some easy bucks out of reselling it. They’ve put a very healthy mark up on the insulation considering what they’ve paid for it.

Crooks will even go to such lengths as to pay a visit to a building site or a recently insulated house before the plasterers have had a chance to come in and line the walls. They will deftly clean out the insulation batts from the walls and repackage them into bags. These bags are then offered for sale at a significant discount, by the bag or by the truckload.

Choose a Trusted Insulation Retailer

If an insulation offer you see advertised on Gumtree or elsewhere seems to be too good to be true, then it probably is. Keep this in mind before blindly going ahead and purchasing the insulation at a fraction of market prices. Chances are that there is a reputable builder out there wondering what in the world happened to his wall insulation.

It is important to note that insulation which has been bagged for several years may sometimes be discounted in order to move it quickly, but this rarely happens. Experienced insulation suppliers are well aware of the insulation shelf life and know that there is no need to clear it out even if it’s been sitting there for a few years. Additionally, as it is a bulky product, they will generally avoid stocking quantities significantly over what they can expect to sell within a year at the very most.

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