Ecowool vs Earthwool Insulation

Ecowool vs Earthwool Insulation - Brand Comparison

What is the difference between Ecowool and Earthwool?

Similar branding, totally different products. Ecowool recently joined the market in Australia and may be confused with Earthwool due to its similar name and logo. They are both glasswool products and neither brand uses formaldehyde in their binding technology.

Ecowool – Made in Asia

Ecowool is manufactured in Malaysia and is one of the newest products on the market along the east coast of Australia.

Knauf Earthwool – Softer Feel Insulation

Knauf Earthwool Insulation is made in the United Kingdom and United States using ECOSE® technology. It is soft to touch and pretty much itch free. These naturally brown batts are odourless and easy to cut. They are manufactured using recycled glass bottles and will not catch fire. Knauf Insulation conducted a trial in Europe with 500 installers, of which 90% of professional installers stated that Earthwool has a softer feel and is less itchy when compared with traditional glass wool products.

We have been installing Knauf Earthwool for nearly 8 years and are satisfied with how easy they are to install and transport. The Earthwool high-density insulation range is of especially high quality, making it an easy recommendation for DIY builders. If you have any questions please give us a call on 1300 729 639 or send us an email.

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