A Perspective on Family Living and Acoustics

Acoustic insulation for family homes

Living Together Under the Same Roof Has its Challenges

In many homes, conflicts can arise as a result of vastly differing acoustic needs. Things like the volume of the TV being too high, someone playing loud music in their room which is disturbing the rest of the family and someone else trying desperately to get an early night. Good luck! Then there’s one member that can’t stand the sound of the washing machine and another who can’t concentrate on their studies. And will that dog please stop barking!

Everyone in the Family Has Legitimate Needs

The reality is, all the arguments have their merits. It’s just that it’s difficult to please everyone. Some people will just accept that this is the way things are and that daily confrontations are the norm. Others may live in a kind of false sense of hope that their children’s interests and needs are somehow going to change and everything will be ok. But most of the time they are not. The students will still need to study, the teenagers will continue to listen to their music, and the washing machine will need to run.

Install Sound Insulation During Home Renovations

Have you been considering home renovations or extensions? Renovations can create a bit of stress and tension, but if you’re living in chaos on a daily basis anyway, why not bite the bullet and put up with a few extra inconveniences along the way… Your current design plans don’t need dramatic changes, but careful consideration should go into formulating the best acoustic management solution you possibly can. If you are opening up a wall anyway, you have a golden opportunity to insulate it.

Adding Internal Sound Insulation to the Plans

Soundproofing all the bedrooms addresses a host of issues at once and improves daily living for all family members; blocking out noise and creating a quiet retreat for everyone, as well as a place to play loud music without disturbing the rest of the house. It may seem a little excessive, but in the scheme of things, it’s only a small additional cost. Theatre rooms should obviously be insulated as this will improve viewing experiences by blocking out unwanted noises, such as the washing machine, and the TV will cause fewer disturbances to the rest of the house.

Buy External Wall Insulation with Thermal and Acoustic Benefits

There are no requirements for internal wall insulation in new homes, but that doesn’t mean you should rule it out. Think long term, remembering that it’s much easier and cheaper to install insulation in the wall cavities while the walls are unsealed. You can buy external wall insulation that, in addition to thermal benefits, also provide a barrier for sound and can help to block out unwanted noise, like heavy traffic, noisy neighbours and barking dogs.

Building a new home, or renovating? Acoustic sound insulation helps to control noise within the home. For your peace of mind, contact Pricewise Insulation about an acoustic insulation solution.

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