Insulation Brands: Does It Really Matter?

Insulation brands in Australia

So you need to insulate your home: which insulation do you use? With so many brand names out there, how do you know which ones to trust? And how can you be confident they will give you the best value for money?  We understand that making a decision about which insulation to use can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. In this post we will explain how to choose a good brand, and whether or not the brand name actually makes a difference to the quality of the insulation.  

Which insulation is the best?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple answer to the question ‘which insulation is the best?’. That’s because the best insulation for you will depend on what you’re insulating, what you want your insulation to achieve, and the conditions of where you live.  Before deciding which insulation product to use, take some time to think through the following questions: 

  • Are you insulating a pre-existing building, or one that is being constructed?
  • Where in the building are you insulating (e.g. roof/ceiling, internal or external walls, underfloor, between storeys)?
  • How much are you willing to spend?
  • What are the climate conditions year-round where you live?
  • Do you want your thermal insulation to also have good acoustic qualities?
  • Is the environmental impact of the insulation product important to you?
  • Do you require low-allergen products?
  • Is it important for you to purchase an Australian-made brand?

Do your research

Once you’ve thought through the factors listed above and know what you’re looking for, you can start researching the brands on offer. At Pricewise Insulation, we offer a wide range of insulation products from reputed brands such as

We only offer high-quality insulation, so you can focus on finding out if the brands meet your other requirements. Putting in the research time will help you make an informed decision to make sure you get the most out of your insulation. Two important factors to understand about insulation products are: the type of material they’re made from and their R-Value.

Understanding the types of insulation materials

In Australia, there are many types of insulation available including insulation rolls and batts, foam board and reflective foil insulation. Each of these are optimised for specific applications and have their own advantages.  Some of the most common insulation materials used in Australia are: 

  • Glasswool – also known as fibreglass, glasswool is very effective, has a high compression factor and is easy to handle. Progressive brands such as Knauf Insulation are almost itch free, eliminating one of the biggest criticisms of glasswool. 
  • Polyester – insulation made from polyester is soft to touch and has no breathable fibres, making it a great choice for those with dust allergies.
  • Rockwool – manufactured from crushed rocks, rockwool has exceptional fire ratings. It also performs well thermally and acoustically.

Choose insulation with the right R Value

The R-value of an insulation product refers to how effective it is at reducing heat transfer. So the higher the R-value, the better a product is at resisting heat flow, and the more it will help you regulate your indoor temperature. At Pricewise Insulation, we recommend you always choose the highest R-value you can afford. Investing in high R-value products now will help you reap the rewards down the track.

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