Is Earthwool Insulation Itchy?

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Throughout history, fibreglass insulation has been known to cause itchiness due to the small glass fibres falling off the batts during installation. Earthwool insulation is a type of fibreglass/glasswool insulation, however it is manufactured with a revolutionary ECOSE binder. This sets Earthwool insulation apart from their other competitors as it uses no formaldehyde which means its super soft, low itch and easy to handle.

Buy Earthwool Insulation with ECOSE Technology at Pricewise Insulation

Benefits of ECOSE Technology

  • No added formaldehyde
  • Soft-touch
  • Less itchy
  • No artificial dyes added

Earthwool Insulation Key Features

Is Earthwool Insulation itchy?

Earthwool insulation is manufactured from recycled glass bottles and has been ranked as environmentally friendly as sheep’s wool. It feels different to other brands as it softer yet sturdy and durable. It longer fibres also contribute to a less itchy feel when installing the insulation. Many customers are using this Earthwool insulation in DIY projects and home renovations. Knauf insulation the manufacturer of Earthwool, has developed a wide range of products to suite your homes insulation needs. Earthwool insulation is available in ceiling, roof, internal and external walls, and underfloor insulation products in a range of R-values to reach your required home thermal ratings. AND, with a 50 year home warranty, what’s not to love about Earthwool insulation?

  • Thermal and acoustic properties
  • Non-combustible
  • Odourless
  • Manufactured using recycled glass bottles
  • Natural brown ‘earthly’ look

How can I prevent itching from insulation?

How to prevent itching from insulation

With any brand of insulation, we recommend wearing protective gear. This includes; loose clothing with long sleeves, gloves, safety glasses and dust mask. Even when installing Earthwool insulation you may experience loose fibre falling, so its best to be prepared and gear up anyway. Another tip is to apply baby power or talcum powder to any exposed skin such as neck and wrists. This reduce fibres from sticking to your skin whilst you are insulating. It is also best to remove your insulating clothing as soon as possible, and to wash them separately from other clothes.

What to do if itchy insulation is irritating your skin?

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After working with insulation, take a cold shower first, to rinse off any fibres that may be on your skin. Cold water will keep your skin pores closed, this will prevent the fibres from getting into your pores and irritating your skin more. After the cold shower, take a hot shower to open your pores, letting any fibres that have entered your pores to make its way out again. Use body cream afterwards to hydrate the skin and soothe any irritation.The feeling of irritation should go away after a few short hours.

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