Knauf Insulation Committed to Energy Saving Policies

Knauf Insulation committed to saving energy

The Central and Eastern European Energy Efficiency Forum for 2018 is now behind us and according to the organisers, it was another very successful forum. It was held in Serock, Poland and included a mix of plenaries, panel sessions, workshops and recreational activities designed to establish new approaches to energy saving policies in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Many new connections were made, experiences shared and the energy efficiency community is now stronger as a result. One of the leading sponsors of the C4E Forum was Knauf Insulation.

Global Construction Products Manufacturers

Knauf is an independent and family owned business, and one of the biggest producers of modern construction products and systems in the world. It has more than 220 manufacturing facilities and sales organisations, is represented in over 86 countries and employs more than 27,500 people worldwide. Annual sales are in excess of €6.5 billion. Knauf Insulation (part of the Knauf group) has more than 40 years of experience in the insulation industry and is one of the fastest growing and most respected names in insulation worldwide.

Using ECOSE Technology Since 2009

Knauf’s Earthwool insulation is just one example that demonstrates Knauf’s commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability. Not only are Earthwool batts made largely out of recycled glass bottles, but they are manufactured using ECOSE technology which uses a binder based on renewable bio-based materials. Prior to the development of this new technology, insulation did contribute towards a reduced energy consumption once installed in the buildings themselves but used petrol-based chemicals and more energy in order to produce it. Now the amount of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere during production is significantly reduced.

Delighted to Sponsor the C4E Forum for the Second Time

Mr Jean-Claude Carlin is CEO of the Knauf Insulation Group which has always focused on making buildings sustainable and energy efficient. He said that it was a pleasure to sponsor this kind of event once again, considering the “many inspirational ideas and developments in policies and financing for energy efficiency coming from Central and Eastern Europe over the last few years.” According to Mr Carlin, the C4E Forum was THE place to bring partners, projects and ideas together and it created a platform for stakeholders in CEE to collaborate and could inspire real changes in the future.

Central and Eastern Europe Often Criticised for Lack of Commitment

Knauf Insulation’s Public Affairs Director Eastern Europe, Ondrej Sramek, was also part of the C4E Forum’s Organising Committee. He said that “The CEE is often criticised for not being enthusiastic about energy efficiency, but our first C4E in Bulgaria in 2016 demonstrated that the energy-saving community is exceptionally active if not so visible. That is why it became essential to maximise the momentum of this first event and organise a second this year.” He said that forum had become a platform for energy-saving initiatives in the area to promote their engagement. Thanks to all the sponsors, contributing partners and participants for making it happen!

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