Sisalation vs Trade Select Insulation

Sisalation Insulation vs Trade Select Insulation
When it comes to roof sarking and wall wraps, Sisalation is one of the most recognisable names. But it isn’t the only option on the market. In fact, Sisalation insulation alternatives such as Trade Select by Ametalin and Kingspan Air-Cell Insulation could get you better performance for your investment. In this article, we explain how Sisalation stack ups against the alternatives, and what’s the best choice for your project.

What is Sisalation insulation?

Sisalation is a reflective insulation product for residential buildings by Fletcher Insulation. Installed beneath the roofing material or as an external wall wrap, Sisalation acts as a reflective membrane, protecting the home against radiant heat. When installed properly, Sisalation can also help with managing condensation in the roof space and minimising moisture uptake by the house frame during construction. Common uses of Sisalation insulation include:
  • Protecting the home against radiant heat
  • Managing condensation in the roof space
  • Increasing the overall R value of a home (when installed adjacent to an air cavity)
  • Reducing how much moisture is absorbed by the house frame during construction
  • Minimising draughts
Sisalation insulation can be used for Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL) of 0 – 40 and walls with a BAL of 0 – FZ in accordance with AS 3959-2009.

Sisalation insulation alternatives

Although Sisalation is one of the more well known foil insulation brands in Australia, there are a number of Sisalation insulation alternatives that are worth considering for your project. At Pricewise Insulation, we stock Trade Select by Ametalin– a high quality, cost-effective reflective insulation suitable for both commercial and residential applications. Like Sisalation Insulation, Trade Select is a type of reflective foil insulation. It’s most commonly used for roof sarking and external wall wrap applications in residential and commercial buildings. Trade Select products can also be used under suspended floors, as well as in caravans, sheds and garages. The range of Trade Select products have been designed to cope with tough conditions and are suitable for use across Australia in all climate zones, including wet-tropics, subtropics, temperate coastal and cold zones.

Advantages of Trade Select by Ametalin

Trade Select is a highly versatile reflective foil insulation, with products to suit applications as varied as brick cavity wall wrap, metal roof sarking and non-combustible roof and wall insulation. As a triple-acting product, Trade Select acts simultaneously as an air barrier, water barrier and vapour barrier. When installed facing an air cavity, it can also increase the total R-Value, improving thermal regulation and energy efficiency. Reasons to consider Trade Select for your project include:
  • Fibre free, non allergenic and non irritant
  • Compression resistant
  • Water barrier, air barrier and vapour barrier
  • Suitable for use in bushfire zones, low flammability
  • Suitable for steel framed constructions (meets the NCC and BCA R0.2 thermal break requirements)

Trade Select products

Trade Select comes in a range of reflective insulation products to suit different applications and budgets. Some of the most popular include ThermalBreak, VapourTech Brane and Trade Select Wall Wrap.


Trade Select ThermalBreak is a home insulation product, suitable for both roof and wall applications. It can also be used for timber and commercial steel frame constructions. Key features:
  • Extra heavy duty
  • R0.2 thermal break in situ
  • Acoustic dampener
  • Low flammability, Group 1 fire performance
  • Suitable for all BAL’s in bushfire areas

VapourTech Brane

VapourTech Brane is a vapour permeable wall insulation, suitable for applications such as behind fibre cement and timber cladding. It can also be installed behind non absorbent claddings (such as steel) but will require adequate drainage for any trapped moisture. Key features:
  • Light wall duty
  • Class 4 vapour barrier
  • Water barrier
  • Air permeable
  • Triple layer construction – highly durable
  • Low flammability
  • Suitable for all BALs

Heavy Duty Wall Wrap

Trade Select heavy duty wall wrap can be used as roof sarking in residential and commercial buildings, and is suitable for all climate zones in Australia. It is also suitable as a wall wrap in climate zones 1 to 5. Trade Select wall wrap can be used as a facing material to glasswool, rockwool and semi-rigid bulk insulation. Key features:
  • Tear resistant
  • Light weight
  • Weather barrier
  • Water and air barrier (class 2 vapour barrier)
  • Group 1 fire performance
  • Low flammability, suitable for BALs in bushfire-prone areas

Kingspan Air-Cell: a superior Sisalation Insulation alternative

Kingspan Air-Cell Insulation is a 3-in-1 insulation, thermal barrier and vapour permeable sarking making it a superior alternative for Sisalation. Suitable for climates across Australia, Air Cell insulation is constructed with a closed cell foam core, sandwiched between two reflective foil surfaces. What’s more, Air Cell products are water resistant and unaffected by moisture, have antibacterial and antifungal properties and are resistant to rodents and insects. Kingspan Air Cell can be used for a wide range of applications, including:
  • Pitched, flat and tapered roofs
  • Cavity and solid walls
  • Timber and steel frames
  • Externally insulated cladding and render systems
  • Floors
  • Soffits

Choosing the right insulation products for your project

If your project requires high-performing foil insulation, Sisalation insulation alternatives could provide exactly what you’re looking for while remaining affordable and accessible. At Pricewise Insulation, we stock a range of reflective insulation products, including Trade Select by Ameltalin and Kingspan Air Cell. We can also help with other types of insulation, including ceiling insulation, insulation batts and blanket insulation. If you’re not sure what type of insulation you need, our insulation experts can help you find the right product. Buy reflective insulation from our online store today. Or call our friendly customer service team for project-specific information and advice.

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  1. Dave Smith says:

    You are incorrect about Trade Select being by Ametalin. It’s incredible what some people think. There is an organisation that coins the market, in the use of the name Ametalin under license. Trade Select is actually the manufacturer.

    • Pricewise Insulation says:

      Hi Dave,

      Thanks a bunch for reaching out! It’s always a pleasure to share information.

      The Trade Select range is manufactured by Ametalin – you can spot it right on the wrap, “Trade Select by Ametalin.” This range is produced by Ametalin with a special focus on catering to insulation supply and install companies, as well as insulation wholesalers.

      Feel free to contact us if there’s anything further we can assist with. 1300 729 639

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