What are SIPs panels made of?

SIPs insulation panels

Structural insulation panels SIPs are designed for light commercial and residential homes. These panels have an insulating foam core, usually expanded polystyrene EPS or polyisocyanurate PIR, and is sandwiched between two structural facings such as oriented strand board OSB. SIPs can be constructed to fit most building design, and building with SIPs can save you time, reduce your overall project cost and reduce the labour work involved. Additionally, as there are no gaps, once SIPs are installed, there is very little thermal bridging and the building is air-tight.  

SIPs insulation panels

Are SIPs expensive?

The cost of building with structural insulation panels SIPs generally costs about the same as construction with a wooden frame. Lower costs are also due to reduced construction time (a single storey home can be built in 5 days) and less material wastage from the job. Other long-term advantages include, reduced energy usage, indoor air quality more easily controlled and, moisture control.

Is Pirmax and SIPs the same thing?

Pirmax insulation (PIR) is a closed cell polyisocyanurate foam core panel which is light weight, making it easy to handle and can be fixed to any substrate and application. It is available in varying thicknesses and R-values.

Structural insulation panels SIPs consist of two exterior layers of oriented strand board (OSB) and has an internal insulation core, which is usually a polyisocyanurate PIR or expanded polystyrene EPS insulation core. So, Pirmax insulation is an insulation panel on its own, while SIPs is an insulation panel with two exterior boards making up the structure.

Applications of Pirmax and SIPs

Pirmax and SIPs

Pirmax insulation has wide range of applications and can be used in both residential and commercial settings. Specifically, Pirmax insulation can be used for insulating roofs, internal and external wall cavities, ceilings, underfloor area, and air-conditioning ducts in commercial and residential settings.

Structural insulation panels (SIPs) can form floors, walls and roofs, as they are available in varying thicknesses of insulation. This means the R-value varies between the thicknesses and is suitable for a variety of applications to meet your thermal needs. SIPs are most suited to residential homes however they can also be used in apartment buildings and some commercial settings. These panels can be used on all areas of a home including external walls, load bearing walls and roofs. These structural insulation panels SIPs are a strong, energy efficient and a cost effective product.

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