How Much Does Insulation Cost by the Square Metre?

insulation cost per m2

Before starting an insulation project, it’s important to do your research about what types of insulation you need and how much it will cost you. That way you can spend your money where it’s going to make the biggest difference. The right insulation can help cut energy costs and improve comfort inside your home all year round.

This guide walks you through how much insulation costs per m2 and the different factors that can affect the final price.

How Much Insulation Do You Need?

If you’re trying to budget for an insulation job, the first thing to do is figure out how many square metres you need to insulate. Simply multiply the length by width of the area.

For example, a ceiling that is 5m long by 8m wide will be 40 m2. Be sure to minus out any windows or doors when calculating walls. We recommend multiplying your total by 0.9 to account for the ceiling or wall joists.

How Much Does Insulation Cost Per M2?

Once you know how many square metres you need to insulate, multiply the total m2 by the cost per m2 of the insulation product. If you click on any of our product pages, you’ll find an automatic cost per m2 calculator based on your selections.

For example, if you want to insulate your 40 m2 ceiling with 430mm R5.0 Earthwool Ceiling Insulation, the current cost is around $12.40 per m2.

40 x 0.9 x 12.40 = $446.40

What Factors Affect Insulation Cost Per M2?

The cost of insulation per m2 depends on a number of factors, including the type of insulation you’re using, where you’re installing it and the installation costs involved.

Check out how each of the following factors affect the final insulation cost per m2.

1. Insulation Types

Bulk Insulation

Bulk insulation, such as batts and blankets, can be used throughout the home for effective thermal and acoustic control. The most common materials are glasswool, polyester and rockwool.

The table below shows how the different bulk insulation materials compare in price.

Glasswool $6-$10
Polyester $11-$15
Rockwool $30-$40

Prices last updated January 2023.

Acoustic Batts

Acoustic insulation batts are similar to thermal batts, except that they are thicker and more dense to help prevent the transfer of unwanted noises. They cost more per m2 for the same R Value.

The table below compares the cost of thermal vs acoustic batts from different brands.

Earthwool Insulation Thermal $5-$14
Earthwool Sound Shield Acoustic $9-$17
Bradford Gold Thermal $7-$8
Bradford SoundScreen Acoustic $10-$18

Prices last updated January 2023.

Reflective Insulation

Reflection insulation works by reflecting radiant heat. Some products (such as Knauf Earthwool Roofing Blanket) combine foil and bulk insulation into one product.

  • Foilboard insulation starts from $8 per m2
  • Foil wall wraps start from $10-$12 per m2
  • Foil backed roofing blankets start from $5-$6 per m2
  • Sisalation roof sarking starts from $3 per m2.

Compare products and prices on our foil insulation page.


2. R-Value

The R-Value of an insulation product refers to its insulating power, i.e. how well it resists the flow of heat. Products with a higher R Value are higher performing and cost more.

Keep in mind you will need to comply with local building regulations to meet minimum R-Values based on where you live. We recommend buying the highest R-Value you can afford to maximise savings on your energy bills.

The table below shows how R-Value can affect the insulation cost per m2 of glasswool batts.

R2.0 $5-$6
R3.0 $7-$8
R4.0 $8-$10
R5.0 $11-$13

Prices last updated January 2023.

3. Location

Different locations around your home will require different insulation products, R-Values and methods. Each of these factors can affect the cost per m2.


The greatest heat loss and gain occurs through the roof, so roof insulation products with higher R-Values are ideal. Normally a combination of reflective insulation and bulk insulation is best.

If you are planning on using your attic space for living or storage, there may be additional requirements. Check out our guide on how to install insulation in your attic for more information.


Ceiling insulation can often be installed in existing homes without removing any plaster which can save on installation costs. A minimum R-Value of R4.0 is recommended for warmer climates, while cooler locations should have at least R5.0 in the ceiling.

Read more: Best ceiling insulation for Australian homes.

Between floors

It is highly recommended to install an acoustic product between floors of a multi-storey home to prevent unwanted noises passing from the top storey to the rooms below.

Internal walls

To maximise energy efficiency and minimise noise transfer, we recommend installing acoustic insulation in your internal walls. Acoustic insulation will drive up wall insulation cost per m2, but it’s a great investment in creating a quieter, more peaceful home.

Read more: How to improve sound insulation between rooms.

External walls

External walls may require a combination of insulation batts and reflective foil insulation to achieve the best result. External wall insulation can be retrofitted on existing homes, but the wall cavity will need to be exposed so it can be a more expensive job.


Insulation batts under the flooring material is an effective way to reduce heat loss and gain. In older homes, underfloor insulation can sometimes be retrofitted without removing the flooring which may save on installation costs.

Read more: Is underfloor insulation worth it?

4. Installation Costs

Labour costs will vary depending on how much space needs to be insulated, how accessible the space is and whether the job can be done without removing existing plaster or drywall. If existing insulation needs to be removed first, this will also increase the cost.

The best way to budget installation costs is to contact an insulation installer for a quote. Pricewise Insulation offers installation services in Melbourne and Sydney. Get in touch with us for a quick and accurate no-obligation quote today.

Use Our Insulation Calculators to Budget Your Project

The best way to start comparing prices for your insulation project is to jump on our online store. All of our product pages feature an automatic insulation cost per m2 calculator as well as a final cost according to how much you need.

If you need advice about what products are best for your project, have a chat with an insulation specialist at Pricewise Insulation. Call us today on 1300 729 639.

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