Pink Batts vs Earthwool

Pink Batts vs Earthwool Insulation Comparison

So which house insulation material is actually better, when you compare Pink Batts vs Earthwool? Well that may depend on what’s most important to you. Pink Batts comes with a “life time guarantee” and Earthwool comes with a standard 50 year guarantee, which in practice means you can expect the insulation to last as long as your home.

Pink Batts vs Earthwool – Which is the Better Batt?

First let’s look at the similarities. Both Pink Batts and Earthwool are both “glasswool” insulation, and the batts are in large part made from sand and recycled glass bottles. Both Pink Batts and Earthwool insulation batts are available in a variety of “R-values” to suit different climates. When making the insulation comparison PinkBatts vs Earthwool it’s important to realise that once the insulation is installed, the thermal benefit is practically the same. So an R2.0 wall insulation batt will give you the same thermal protection, regardless of whether it is branded Pink Batts, or Earthwool, or any other brand for that matter

Video – Pink Batts vs Earthwool vs Bradford

Compare Insulation: Ease of Storage and Handling

Among all the home insulation types, Earthwool Insulation has gained popularity in recent years primarily for two reasons. Firstly, it uses a different binder, which makes it less itchy to work with. This is a real plus for DIY home renovators, not to mention professional installers who work with insulation on a daily basis. Secondly,  Earthwool comes in a highly compressed packaging, which can significantly reduce the need for on site storage space, and also help to reduce freight costs if you’re paying the full cost to get the insulation delivered to your home or on site.

Low R-Value Wall Insulation: Pink = Firmer Fit

When looking for the best wall insulation, an often overlooked factor when choosing a brand, is how well the insulation batt will ‘stand’ in the wall cavity. The fact of the matter is, that even though in an ideal world, the wall studs will be spaced so exactly that they provide just the right amount of friction to the keep the insulation batts in their place, without folding or sagging –  often the reality is somewhat different.

As any experienced insulation installer will know, a too narrow gap isn’t too much of a problem to deal with – you simply trim the edge of the insulation down to the required width. However a gap which is a faction to wide, can be a real “spanner in the works” – as without the necessary friction between the outside edges of the batt and inside edges of the walls studs, the wall batts can easily begin to sag. Here Pink Batts by Fletcher Insulation have a clear edge over it’s rival Earthwool, with it’s more rigid consistency making it easier to install.

Update: Knauf Insulation has recently announced an improvement in the consistency of the R1.5 wall batts. Is Earthwool now the best insulation for walls? If you’ve recently worked with either of these products, leave a comment and tell us what you think.

No smell? Best ceiling insulation based on odour (less) factor

If you’re old enough to remember the insulation being installed in the ‘old days’ you’ll remember the smell associated all roof insulation products. The longer the insulation lay there, the worse the smell, no doubt exacerbated by any number of vermin who have chosen to take refuge in the roof-space. Knauf genuinely claims that Earthwool is a better insulation as it has practically no smell, and the truth is that this is a fairly accurate statement. It smells like nothing, whereas most other glasswool products seem to have retained at least some of the odour, usually only noticeable in confined spaces. No doubt we will see more and more insulation brands setting their sights on an ‘odourless’ product range in the future. So if the no-smell factor is important to you, then the best home insulation for your roof may be Earthwool.

Our verdict – Pink Batts vs Earthwool

We recommend both of these high quality brands, as well as Bradford Insulation. Price is obviously a key consideration, so we recommend you calculate carefully the full cost of buying the insulation and getting it delivered to you, and then make an informed decision on what is the best insulation for you and your project. Please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 729 639 or via the contact us page if you have any questions.

pink batt vs knauf earthwool insulation

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41 thoughts on “Pink Batts vs Earthwool

  1. Ridley Fitzgerald says:

    It sounds like Earthwool insulation is a great choice. Just the fact that it is less itchy than the pink roll is a huge plus. I remember when we put in our insulation years ago, and the pink stuff made us all itchy for a week!

    • Pricewise Insulation says:

      Hi Tish,

      These are all high quality insulation products. If you have installed one of these three major brands according to the guidelines (ie. no gaps between batts), then should be seeing good improvement in the thermal performance of your home.

      Please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 729 639 if you have any more questions.

    • Pricewise Insulation says:

      Hi Tony,

      Thank you for your question!

      According to “Your Home“, 25%-35% of heat loss and heat gains passes through the roof, whereas only 10%-20% passes through the underfloor. So our recommendation would be to insulate the ceilings first.

      Hope that helps!

  2. Justin says:

    As a professional installer, Earthwool is by far my preferred Insulation, the lack of itch is the main plus combined with more compact bags making transport much easier.

  3. K says:

    I’d love to do the insulation myself but have phobia re certain things involved therefore need someone to install . What is the correct procedure if I’m paying someone please ie should they be expected to clean ceiling area they lay batts on first . And what’s the protocol re lights I have led down lights

    • Pricewise Insulation says:

      Hi K,

      If your existing insulation is in bad condition then it is better to remove it so that you can get a nice finish, otherwise installing on top is fine.

      For LED lights you need to leave a 50mm gap, and for other types of lights you need to leave a 100mm gap. Make sure that the transformer is placed on top of the insulation.

      We offer a professional insulation removal and install service in Melbourne and Sydney. Please click here for more details.

      If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 729 639.

  4. Alex says:

    hi there, do you deliver to New Zealand, and what would be the cost of delivery (looking for a houselot for house of approx. 150 m^2). What would the timeframe be? thanks

    • Pricewise Insulation says:

      Hello Alex,

      Thanks for your enquiry! We do deliver to New Zealand. You can order online at

      Philip will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your order. The lead time is typically 2-4 days.


      Pricewise Insulation

    • Pricewise Insulation says:

      Hi Lia,

      We recommend both Earthwool and Pink Batts in Perth, so it really comes down to your personal preference. The main thing that you need to consider is the insulation R-value as this will determine how much heat can pass through the ceiling. For an existing home we would recommend R4.0 or higher.


      Pricewise Insulation

  5. Guru Bharadwaj says:

    Looking to install roof insulation of R3.5 or R4.1 in our single storey house.
    – Whats a recommended R rating for Brisbane? Is the cost justifiable going higher than R3.5?
    – Can you recommend any installers in Brisbane?

    Thanks in advance.

  6. Colette says:

    I’m on the top floor of 3 storey flats with no insulation and its like a hot box. What roof insulation would you recommend for my situation and how many R’s.

  7. Florence says:

    Hi I live in Tasmania and have a 60s house. It has loose full looking insulation that’s in pretty good condition. Could we lay over the top? And what R rating do you recommend please?

  8. Paul says:

    Hi, I have a single story pitched tile roof, live in Sydney, and want to install the best batts for both thermal and noise insulation. The house has roof sarking and ventilators, but no pre-existing insulation. I also want to avoid anything that causes skin irritations. What would you recommend?

  9. Margaret Higgins says:

    Hi, what types of baths would you recommend for a low, metal roofed home on the Coast of Qld? High humidity in summer and cold in winter. Please recommend the rating required. Thankyou

    • Pricewise Insulation says:

      Hi Margaret,

      Thanks for your question. We generally recommend R4.0 roof insulation in Queensland, however you would need to check how much clearance there is in your roof space considering that it is flat. Feel free to give our team a call on 1300 729 639 to discuss your project further with them.


  10. Robyn says:

    Hi we are looking at updating our ceiling insulation as it’s only R2 at best for either hi performance gold R5 or knaff earth wool R5.

  11. Brett Rylance says:

    Please note the manufacturer’s warranty isn’t on the thermal performance of the batt, just that it will remain a batt.
    The firmest (and often itchiest) batts are actually the ones most likely to control the air pockets within and maintain their R value longer.

    • Pricewise Insulation says:

      Hi Brett,

      We agree that high-density insulation batts are a great option. Thankfully Knauf has managed to achieve densities of up to 32kg/m3 with their Ecose binder, while still remaining relatively low-itch.


  12. dave says:

    i’m looking for the highest soundproofing qualities for a between floor ceiling cavity to reduce the sound from upstairs to downstairs. I was looking at the earthwool soundshield plus, but relised this was for walls. are these ok for ceilings as well, or is there an equivalent for ceilings i should be using?

    • Pricewise Insulation says:

      Hi Dave,

      Thanks for your question. The product we recommend for between floors is R4.0HD Earthwool Sound Shield Insulation, which is 140mm thick. Even though it is classed as a wall batt, it can certainly be used in ceiling spaces. We’ve got a YouTube video on the difference between wall and ceiling insulation here.

      You can also check out our blog post about installing insulation between floors here.

      Please do not hesitate to contact our team on 1300 729 639 if you have any questions.

      Kind regards,

  13. Gary says:

    Installing extra insulation – its getting hot in here!
    I have a 2-storey home with cement tiled roof (23 years old). The current insulation is R2.5 and looks like it is good condition. What R value would you recommend I install over the top of the existing batts? I live on the Gold Coast and it does fell hot on the second level in the heat of summer. Thanks G

  14. Gaurav says:


    I am looking to insulate the underfloor of my house. I have heard most installers recommend the generic white polyester batts. No one has mentioned Knauf earthwool floorshield or any other brand. Which one is best for suspended timber floor? Is Floorshield going to cause mold by absorbing moisture from the ground?

    • Pricewise Insulation says:

      Hi Gaurav,

      Thanks for your comment!

      Both Glasswool and Polyester insulation are suitable for underfloor applications. If your area is prone to moisture, polyester insulation is recommended as it doesn’t absorb water.

      Knauf Earthwool, specifically Earthwool FloorShield, is a non-hygroscopic product, meaning it does not absorb moisture from the atmosphere. It’s also rot-proof and doesn’t encourage the growth of fungi, mould, or bacteria.

      Both Glasswool and Polyester are great options for most homes in Australia. We often recommend Glasswool products such as Earthwool FloorShield and Earthwool SoundShield.

      Feel free to reach out on 1300 729 639 if you have any further questions or need assistance.

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