How to Work Out the Cost of Adding Insulation to Your Attic

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You’ve probably heard that installing insulation in your attic can help improve your home’s energy efficiency and keep temperatures at a comfortable level year round. But what does it cost to add insulation to your attic – and is it worth the price?

What Is the Cost to Add Insulation to Your Attic?

There are a number of factors that affect the final cost of insulating an attic including:

How Much Insulation You Need

The larger your attic, the more insulation you will  need and the higher the cost will be.

What Type Of Insulation Your Attic Space Requires

Depending on the design of your home, you might need a certain type or combination of insulation types. Different types of insulation, such as batts, foil blankets and roof sarking, have different price points.

What You Intend on Using the Attic for

If you are planning on converting your attic into livable space, you’ll probably need more effective insulation to prevent the space from overheating with occupants inside. You may also consider acoustic insulation to prevent sounds travelling to the rooms below which will be an added cost.

What Products You Choose

Different brands and product materials have different price points. For example, glasswool batts tend to be more affordable than polyester batts.

What R-value You Need

Depending on where you live, there may be minimum R-Values you need to achieve for attic applications. The R-Value indicates how much insulating power the product has, so going for a higher R-Value will cost more.

How Accessible Your Attic Space Is

Accessibility to your roof area may affect the installation costs involved. Also, if your ceiling rafters are spaced unevenly this could cause longer installation time and higher costs.

Ceiling Vs Attic Insulation

The main difference between ceiling and attic insulation is that ceiling insulation sits on top of the ceiling plasterboard whereas attic insulation is installed between the roof joists underneath the roof sarking. 

If you are trying to create a livable space in your attic, then insulation needs to be installed beneath the roof to help control temperatures. Ceiling insulation should be installed in your ceiling even if you are not converting the attic space as it plays a crucial role in regulating temperatures in your home.

Calculating the cost of ceiling insulation is fairly straightforward, however attic insulation can be significantly more tricky as it depends on the structure of your roof and the current insulation. To give you an idea of how much insulation you’ll need, please give us a call.

If you already know how much insulation you need, you can head to our online shop, select the item you want and type in how many square metres you need. Most of our products have an insulation cost calculator underneath for your convenience.

Types of Insulation for Attics

There are several types of insulation that can be used in attics, including:

Glasswool Batts

Glasswool is probably the most popular and affordable choice for insulating between ceiling rafters. It costs around $6-10 per square metre, depending on the brand and R-Value rating.

Polyester Batts

Polyester batts are a non-toxic, non-allergenic insulation material which contains no breathable fibres. They are slightly more premium than glasswool, costing around $8-15 per square metre.

Read more about polyester vs glasswool.

Reflective Foil Insulation

Foil insulation is designed to reflect radiant heat from the sun away from your home. It comes in thin sheets or is sometimes combined with bulk insulation. A roll of Kingspan AirCell Insulation costs about $10-12 per square metre.

Roof Sarking

Sarking is a type of reflective insulation that’s installed under roofing tiles or metal roofs to act like a second skin for the home. Costs range from $2.50 to $13 per square metre.

Acoustic Insulation

Acoustic insulation will help prevent unwanted noises from travelling from the attic area to the rest of the house and vice versa. Also has all the thermal benefits. Costs start from around $9 per square metre.

Read more about the best kind of insulation for your attic.

Spray Foam and Loose Fill Insulation

At Pricewise insulation, we don’t recommend spray foam insulation or loose fill insulation as there are a number of disadvantages compared to batt insulation.

Read more about expanding foam insulation vs batt insulation.

Can You Diy Attic Insulation?

Some people decide to install their attic insulation themselves to save on labour costs.

Provided there is safe access to your roof, you have the right equipment and understand the techniques needed for an effective installation, it is possible to install insulation yourself.

However, it’s important to do your research beforehand to ensure your safety and an effective result. Insulation that is not installed correctly, for example if there are gaps between insulation batts or if the batts are compressed, will not be as effective at resisting heat loss in winter or heat gain in summer.

Hiring a professional insulation installer will ensure you have an effective installation and can save you the time and effort of doing it yourself. Plus, a professional installer can give you advice about the best way to insulate your attic for maximum thermal and acoustic benefits.

Do I Need to Remove My Existing Insulation?

In some cases, it may be possible to install insulation over existing insulation in your attic floor if it is not damaged, mouldy or infested. However, if you are transforming your attic area into a living space, keep in mind a different install method is required which may make it necessary to remove existing insulation. 

Most existing homes already have roof sarking under the roofing material. Attic batts are installed between the joists, ensuring that an air gap is left. Then a product such as Kingspan Insuliner or Insulwhite can be stapled to the rafters to cover the insulation batts.

To avoid noise transfer between the living space in the attic and the rooms below, acoustic insulation can be installed before the attic floor is installed.

Read more about topping up insulation.

Is Attic Insulation a Good Investment?

Before you get started, it’s important to consider if the cost to add insulation to your attic is worth it. 

Without insulation, your attic is losing precious heat in winter and gaining a lot of heat in summer. This will make your air conditioner and heater less effective, driving up electricity costs.

Insulation in your roof space will not only help your home better regulate temperatures, it’ll make your heating and cooling more energy efficient and lower your power bill.

Insulation can pay itself off in as little as 5 years, but is designed to last several decades, making it a great long term investment.

If you are planning an attic conversion to use the space for a bedroom, play room or storage area, it’s crucial to have your attic well insulated. It’ll keep temperatures comfortable for everyone and also protect any materials or objects you keep up there.

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