How does insulation work?

How does insulation work?

How Bulk Glasswool Insulation Works

Bulk insulation is typically installed in ceilings and walls. How the insulation works is by restricting the transfer of heat between the inside and outside of your home. The millions of air pockets in glasswool and polyester insulation restricts the transfer of heat through the insulation batt. When installed as ceiling insulation or wall insulation , bulk insulation helps to stop the hot air in the roof space or from outside from entering into the living areas below.

In cold weather, bulk insulation ensures that the heated air inside the home doesn’t escape unhindered through the walls and up into the ceiling space. Installing a thicker or higher R-Value bulk insulation will increase the amount of thermal protection, i.e. less heat will escape during the night and in the colder months of the year, and less heat will penetrate from outside in the hotter summer months.

How Reflective (foil) Insulation Works

Foil insulation works very differently to bulky insulation. Reflective foil acts as a barrier against radiant heat, and to be effective, it requires an air-gap of around 2-3 cm between the heat source (e.g. roof tiles) and the reflective surface. Reflective and bulk insulation can be installed in combination, and this can product an excellent result.  Importantly, the way in which insulation works, and the extent of its effectiveness is to a large degree dependent on it being installed properly. For example, installing foil insulation with a grimy or dust covered surface will significantly reduce the performance R-rating of the insulation. Knowing how insulation works can help you to purchase the most effective products for the best results.

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